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When you first walk through our doors at Kang’s Mixed Martial Arts in Silver Spring, expect your journey to begin. You’ll find a safe and nurturing environment for learning whether you’re an after school or martial arts camp student, evening martial artist, child or adult. Everyone will be expected to do their best and persevere through challenges, but you won’t do it alone and we promise you’ll have some fun in the process.

Our experienced martial arts instructors will guide you through each belt level, helping you learn progressively more difficult forms, kicks, or breaks. Over time and with dedication, younger students develop the mental and physical discipline needed to focus in class and to learn intricate forms and kicks. Children’s behavior and attitude at home and school often improve as they become more committed to their learning and training. With each new belt also comes a new level of self-confidence. Breaking a board or two and mastering a difficult form does wonders for showing someone what he or she can really accomplish.

Our after school and camp instructors are just as dedicated to helping students with their academics and building the character traits found in the Taekwondo tenets of “courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and self-control”.

With years of experience working with children, our instructors expect homework and projects to be completed with care, focusing on quality, not quantity or speed. Students will be challenged to work together with different students. They will learn to share (toys, games, equipment) to curb their selfishness. Our daily routines also give students ample opportunity to practice courtesy and self-control, whether it’s saying “yes sir or yes ma’am” or quietly waiting their turn to participate in the next activity. Our “Student of the Month” is often the person who best displays a Taekwondo tenet.

At Kang’s Mixed Martial Arts we are not just about kicking and punching. We believe in developing healthy mental and physical habits, which means being physically fit, treating others with kindness, never giving up, and always trying one’s best. Integrity, respect, and honesty is at the core of what we expect from all our students and instructors alike.

Whether you want better behavior or discipline for your child, need to lose 20 pounds, or just love martial arts, you will leave here a better person than when you first walked through our doors – that it is our mission at Kang’s Mixed Martial Arts.

Five Tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit. Unite for Right!


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We commit ourselves to mental and physical discipline. To be friends with one another and develop strength within our group. We shall never fight to achieve selfish goals but to develop wisdom and character is our ultimate commitment. Come in and see what sets our school apart from the rest.