Kang’s MMA programs in Silver Springs are open to young children, teens, and adults. Through the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, our students learn discipline and gain self-confidence as they progress from a beginner white belt to an accomplished black belt. With our “tip testing” system, students gain competence in each belt level’s kicks, form, physical fitness, and behavior requirements. Monthly belt promotions highlight months of training and put students “under the spotlight” to show off what they’ve learned, test their endurance through sparring, and overcome the mental pressure of breaking boards in front of family and friends. With each new belt earned, students’ self-confidence soars.

Some of the benefits of learning kicks and memorizing forms — a “routine” of blocks, stances, kicks, punches, and turns — is that it requires focus, discipline, and effort to learn. These skills, along with spatial awareness, balance, and coordination improve as students advance to higher belts. The Five Tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit all come into play as students train on a daily basis.

With consistent training, parents often see their child’s behavior improve at home and school. As adults get physically stronger and master techniques, they gain confidence in themselves and their ability to defend themselves. Families—parents and children– who train together have the added benefit of building a positive, healthy lifestyle that will undoubtedly impact them for the rest of their lives.

Our doors are always open for parents and guests to observe class or to speak with our staff about becoming part of our Kang’s Mixed Martial Arts family.


If you’re looking for a martial arts after-school program in Silver Springs that picks up children from local elementary and middle schools, helps with homework, and offers the benefits of martial arts training, this is the place for you!

A typical afternoon begins with a parent provided snack. Next, students work on homework assignments under the supervision of our adult staff, who have many years of experience working with children. At Kang’s we offer homework help and make available supplemental assignments to students who have no homework or need additional practice. Arts and crafts projects are spread throughout the year, as are holiday parties and celebrations.

Lastly, martial arts classes are completed by 5:30pm, when parents are expected to pick-up their children (extended care is available until 7:00pm). For the convenience of parents, we are open most days when Montgomery county schools are closed.

Another advantage of our program is its mixed-age environment, with students ranging from 5-12 years old. In this setting students benefit from older role models, learn how to help younger children, and have many opportunities to work out “real life” problems under the supervision of our watchful staff. Over the years many lessons will be learned, leaders developed, and many friendships forged.


Our center opens for Before Care at 6:30am. Children can arrive early, eat their breakfast (provided by parents), and play games or relax with friends before our elementary and middle school drop offs begin. Leave your children with us and you can be confident that we will get your them to school on time.

We also accommodate 2-hour delays and provide all-day care due to school delays/closings caused by inclement weather or other unforeseen events announced by Montgomery County Public Schools.


How does weekly field trips to an amusement park, roller skating, bowling, laser tag, and martial arts sound? Your child can spend the summer with us without emptying your pocket! We offer affordable payment plans, age-appropriate field trips, and a summer educational program that will get your child prepared for the upcoming school year.

Camp opens from 6:30am-6:30pm daily. Meet new friends, participate in exciting activities, and visit new places under our licensed summer camp program. CPR and first aid certified instructors lead all our sports, martial arts, and hands-on craft activities. Your child’s week will include a combination of field trips, martial arts, educational time, arts and crafts, free time, and ever-changing theme related activities.

We want you to enjoy your summer as much as we do!


The “Dream Team” was formed in 2013 when a group of dedicated students wanted to train harder to compete in local tournaments. Thus, began our Competition Team. Since then the Team has competed in numerous tournaments in Maryland and Delaware and has branched out to include a “demo” team that performs at local schools and events, showcasing high-energy martial arts routines choreographed to music.

Any student from Kang’s can try out for the Dream Team. You must be able to attend classes on Fridays and Saturdays, attend tournaments, and be dedicated to improving yourself. Expectations are high for Dream Team members – but if you think you have what it takes, give it a try!


Whether you’re a yoga expert or just a beginner, we promise you a warm welcome, an enjoyable experience and one of the most effective mind, body and soul workouts.

Ms. Mai first discovered yoga in the iron pumping setting of Gold’s Gym. She quickly realized she longed for a more introspective class. She packed her bags and set off to the beautiful Mountains of Massachusetts for an intensive month long Kripalu yoga teacher training. She now focuses on encouraging her students to find their own individual flow and to allow their bodies to be the true teacher; she is the guide in their journey.


Parents of the birthday boy or girl can sit back and enjoy the birthday celebration. Your child will be the “star of the show” with an honorary black belt for the day. He or she will help our instructor lead the other children (and willing parents) through a fun Taekwondo class, break a board or two, and play martial arts games. When it’s time to cut the cake, your guests will be amazed when your child and you cut the birthday cake with a samurai sword!

Parents provide decorations, food, and party supplies. We set up, help serve the food, and take care of clean up. You just need to relax and enjoy 2 stress-free hours with your guests!


• Parents picking up late must notify Kang’s as soon as possible. Continuously being late can result in additional late charges. After 7:00 PM, a late fee of $25.00 will be charged at the time of pick up.

• We follow most MCPS closing days during the school year. A Kang’s school year calendar with days closed is sent out in the beginning of the school year.

• All other non-MCPS closing days (i.e. private schools, prekindergarten/ head start) will be charged $25.00/day per child. These days are scheduled and pre-paid two weeks in advance with no refunds.

• If private schools are open and MCPS are closed, we will pick up students that day.

• If MCPS offices close early due to inclement weather, Kang’s will pick up the children and transport to the center and parents will be informed about pick up time and closing of Kang’s.

• If MCPS offices are closed due to inclement weather, Kang’s will be closed.

• If MCPS has a two hour delay, we do our best to open at 6:30 for Before Care students only.

• All late openings and closings will be announced on our Facebook page and emails will be sent out.

• Non-refundable registration fee is due to hold your space for After School Program.

• Late payments will be charged a late fee of $35.00.

• Bounced or returned checks will be charged $50.00 on existing account.

• There is a 10% discount for the second and third child.

• Failure to keep payments current can result in suspension or termination from the program.

• Belt testing fees must be paid prior to the testing day or on the day of testing.

• All students must wear a Kang’s uniform to attend class.

• During belt testing, all students are required to wear the standard martial arts uniform.

• All students attending summer field trips must wear a current Kang’s Field Trip shirt.

• Kang’s does not tolerate any type of teasing or bullying in the program.